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About Micycle

Micycle Who We Are

We have been at our current location for 7 years and it is our intention to remain that small local bike shop that knows most if not all customers by name.

We work on any bike from your £50 beater bike right through to the top end road bikes.
We are a small team of seven:

Good News For Leavers

My Dear Leavers

We know that all you want is Brexit, so in recognition of this we at Micycle have decided to give you a full WTO Brexit today the very first company in the UK to do this.

On all your final bills at Micycle we will add 28% WTO tariff (please don't let the remoaners know this, as we do not want them getting something they have done little to deserve). All bills can of course be paid for in Euros

Obviously we will only work on your bike once we have completed the remoaners bikes.

Our Truly Useless Government

By no means an exhaustive and in no particular order I give you their lowlights:

-Government official numbers of deaths due to CoVid 19 57,000+ (pre the reduction of the figure
by 5,000+)

-Trying to blame the leaders of Manchester City area for Covid 19 deaths irony has final died

-Mr Johnson 27th Nov "Keeping our foot on the neck of the beast" What a total knob!

-21st October Mr Johnson lying again in the house of commons the house of commons that is some how it is Mr Khan fault that TFL is in debt not the pandemic

-Mr Johnsons deluded conference speech 6th October

-Mr Johnson has no idea how to get R rate down or even his own rules of what we need to do in what tier

-Mr Johnson unable to answer any question at PMQ wanting to discredit the whole process

-Mr Johnson Brexit dead lines time and again backing down and extending talks what a knob, 16th Oct again backing away from his 15th Deadline

-Missed 16,000 positive cases in last seven days 5th Oct, possible 50k plus missed track and trace

-Mr Johnson unable to explain how the above 22,000 cases were omitted from the daily totals

-Unable to get on top of second wave numbers of infections 3rd Oct over 12000 that day alone

-Passing of the internal market bill a very sad day for the rule of law

-Don't even know their own lock down rules truly pathetic

-Kent access permits

-Students being locked in their halls of residents

-Track and trace app not working with NHS Covid 19 Tests

-Provision for 7,000 queuing lorries in Kent

-Trip to Italy?

-Highest excess numbers of deaths in the whole of Europe, ONS announced 30th July

-"Flattening the hump of the camel"

-Moonshot test drivel 10th Sept

-Test and trace 16th September

-Mr Mogg HofC 17th Sept" we should stop carping and congratulate the Government for their test track record"

-M/s Dido drivel to the select committee 18th September

-U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn U- turn after after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn after U-turn, never anyone in government taking responsibility or doing the right thing and resigning.

-Breaking International law just a tiny winy bit.

-Mr T Abbott

-"He is a Prime Minster of a freedom loving country" latest drivel from Mr Johnson

-Worst Prime Minster ever ever ever ever (Nick Abbot LBC best radio DJ ever ever ever)

-Worst Home Secretary ever

-Worst Foreign Secretary ever

-Worst worst Education Secretary ever

-Worst Trade Secretary ever

-Worst Business Secretary ever

-Worst LEADER OF THE HOUSE EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER complete and utter cock

-Worst worst worst worst NI Secretary ever

-Worst Government ever and that is after Mrs May's

-"Oven ready deal" election campaign slogan 2019. August 2020 deal with EU looks "very unlikely"

-Mr Johnson reneging on WA 7th Sept 2020 complete and utter ......

-Mr Johnson off on holiday through out the whole of the exam debacle

-Mass reduction of the numbers of deaths

-Awarding of non tendered contract to Public Frist who helped fuck up exam results, strangely good mates of Mr Cummings and Mr Gove

-Mr Johnson's speech 30th July boastfully announcing what a great job his government has done in bring the numbers of deaths down and its handling of the epidemic

-Trying to shift blame onto PHE to save their shameless skins

-Never taking responsibility for any thing

-Mr Johnson's bright idea to disband the Threat Hazard Resilience and Contingency Committee six months prior to CoVid 19 reaching our shores

-152 million spent on useless face masks from a mate of Liz Truss

-A level results

-Level 3 BTECH results

-GCSE's results

-U turn after U turn, but never an apology

-Sneakily removing 1.3m CoVid19 test results

-"Ring of steel around our care homes"

-Failing in their promise to test everyone in care homes by Aug 1st

-Their quite shocking honours list

-"Operation last gasp"

-Blaming care home providers

-Blaming care home staff

-Mr Johnson missing 5 Cobra meetings

-Mr Johnson going on holiday at outset of pandemic

-29th July Minster stated they had not sent infected people into care homes

-Mr Johnson gas lighting care home staff saying he never said what he said

-Mr Hancock lying in the house of commons that he ordered lock down on the 16th March

-NHS hospital parking charges for NHS workers

-Blaming the Unions

-Blaming the Teachers

-Blaming the Civil Service

-Blaming the public

-Passing the responsibility of workers returning to work onto employers

-Mr Johnson announcing lockdown on the 23rd March

-21,600 deaths in care homes to date due to CoVid 19 (40% of all deaths due to CoVid 19)

-Excess deaths in care homes this year 31,000+

-Second highest death rate per head of residents in care homes in EU

-Worst numbers of deaths in Europe due to CoVid19

-Higher death rate on a single day than the entire rest of EU

-Higher death rate on most days than the following countries have had for the whole of the outbreak and this is just in the EU: Greece, Slovenian, Slovakia, Lithuania, Croatia

-3rd July UK 1.8% of global deaths we only represent 1% of world population

-23rd March UK deaths due to CoVid 19 one hundred and six.

-8th July UK deaths due to CoVid 19 one hundred and twenty six

-"We have done a great job on bearing down on this virus"

-"The world will be taking note just how well we have performed"

-"Our test and trace system is as good or better than anywhere else in the world"

-"It should be all over by Christmas"

-Pushing responsibility of returning to work onto employers

-Mr Grayling being made head of the intelligence committee

-Mr Fayling even messing this up

-Mr Grayling new 100k job advising ports!

-Trying to to avoid blame for Russia's involvement in the Brexit referendum

-Putting Mr Fox up for head of the WTO

-Forgetting the self employed

-"We will make sure no one is forgotten"

-"I don't do gesture politics"


-Ignoring Cygnus and the short comings it highlighted

-Third & fourth rate cabinet minsters

-Billions spent / wasted on no deal Brexit

-The Farage Cark Parks near major ports

-Cost of above carparks

-Government projected additional costs of UK business trading with the EU 7bn

-End of free health care in Europe

-End of working rights in 27 European countries

-End of free travel across Europe

-English exceptionalism

-"Contract trace and taste"

-Under reporting numbers of deaths for at least 22 days in April

-Testing capacity

-Lying throughout May of the number of people being tested

-Stopping reporting of numbers of people tested daily weekly and monthly

-Stopping reporting of numbers of deaths

-Double counting / testing / PPE

-"World beating track and trace app."

-Self congratulation at every stage

-The no show app. (11 million spent with vote leave spivs)


-Mr Cummings, Easter Holiday / Birthday Parties / Eye Test

-Mr Cummings contemptible rose garden drivel

-Mr Johnson senior contemptible drivel from Greece

-Mr Johnson junior contemptible drivel at PMQs

-Lying constantly at PMQs, lame jokes and infantile behaviour

-One rule for them another for the rest of us

-Unable to speak in sentences

-Dyson ventilators

-Not enough high pressure oxygen to meet demands even though this is what Mr Johnson was treated with so successfully

-Changing admission criteria to hospital the day before Mr Johnson was admitted

-Constant mixed messages

-Russian report

-Never even bothering to investigate whether there was any interference in any of our recent referendums and or elections

-Back to school planning

-8th July Tory party cancel their physical September Conference

-8th July Government announce that all parents who do not send their children to school in September will be fined £60.00 per day. Recently raised to £120.00 per day.

-Free school meals

-Charging EU NHS workers for their health care

-Herd Immunity

-Date of lock down

-Holding back of Pillar 2 data

-Date of Leicester lock down

-"Local councils should show some courage"

-R rate at lock down

-Date of easing of lock down

-R rate at easing of lock down

-Miss information on R rate

-Face masks

-12th July Mr Gove defending not wearing face masks, 14th July government policy now have to wear face masks in all shops

-British common sense

-Lying in The House of Commons

-"Squash the Sombrero"

-"Take it on the chin"

-"I shook hands with everyone"

-Disappearances of comparisons the moment we over took the rest of Europe

-No proper planning for any phase of this terrible epidemic

-Date of introduction of quarantine at borders

-Shambolic air bridges

-6am opening of pubs in England 4th July

They should show some humility, apologies for their abject failures and on mass resign.

Remember Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings are nasty lying knobs.

Micycle Team

If you would like us to add any more to the list, that we might of missed, as sadly their lies have made it almost impossible to listen to their bilge day in day out. Please email us at contact@micycle.org.uk

63, 817 UK deaths due to Covid 19 29 Nov

As the Government avoids mentioning the death toll anymore and we have by far the worst excess deaths in Europe.

We at Micycle feel that we should not let our fellow Citizens, Grandparents, Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers and Friends be forgotten so quickly.

So until this useless, lying, shambolic excuse of a government has finally got this truly horrible epidemic under control we will be updating the every growing death toll daily, as a very small tribute to those who are no longer with us.

We do our best to gather the data, so please bear with us if any figures are not 100% accurate. Please remember that they are more likely a lot closer to the real numbers than Mr Johnsons.

On the 12th Aug this shameful government took over 5,000 off the total number of dead, but we at Micycle will be keeping with the original official figure and will be adding the daily totals.
Even this is no where near what the true figures are. Some creditable sources put the true figure at 75,000+

They just lie and lie and sadly they will most probably get away with making most of us unable to fathom what is the true numbers of deaths their incompetent mishandling of the epidemic has caused.

Total deaths in the last 24hrs: 215
Deaths since 26th July: 17, 818

27th July =9 28th July =76 29th July =113 31st July =117
2nd Aug =125 3rd Aug =9 5th Aug =154 6th Aug =49
7th Aug =98 8th Aug =55 9th Aug =8 10th Aug =5
11th Aug =8 12th Aug =103 13th Aug =18 14th Aug =11
15th Aug =5 16th Aug =4 17th Aug =3 18th Aug =11
19th Aug =16 20th Aug =6 21st Aug =8 22nd Aug =6
23rd Aug =4 24th Aug =4 25th Aug =16 26th Aug =16
27th Aug =12 28th Aug =11 29th Aug =12 30th Aug =1
31st Aug =2 1st Sept =11 2nd Sept =2 3rd Sept =11
4th Sept =11 5th Sept =12 6th Sept =7 7th Sept =14
8th Sept =30 9th Sept =12 10th Sept =411th Sept =6
12th sept =9 13th Sept =8 14th Sept =16 16th Sept =20
17th Sept =21 18th Sept =27 20th Sep =11 21st Sept =10
22nd Sept=37 23rd Sept = 33 24th Sept = 33 25th Sept = 37
26th Sept = 34 27th Sept = 17 28th Sept = 11 29th Sept = 71
30th Sept =77 1st Oct = 59 2nd Oct = 66 3rd Oct = 51
4th Oct = 29 5th Oct = 19 6th Oct = 76 7th Oct = 71
8th Oct = 77 9th Oct = 87 10th Oct = 81 11th Oct = 61
12th Oct = 55 13th Oct = 143 14th Oct = 137 15th Oct = 138
16th Oct = 136 17th Oct = 150 18th Oct = 67 19th Oct = 80
20th Oct = 241 21st Oct = 191 22nd Oct =189 23rd Oct = 224 24th Oct = 174 25th Oct = 151
26th Oct = 101 27th Oct = 364 28th Oct = 30129th Oct = 280 30th Oct =274 31Oct = 326 1st Nov = 162
2nd Nov = 136 3rd Nov = 400 4th Nov = 492
5th Nov = 374 6th Nov = 356 7th Nov = 413 8th Nov = 156 9th Nov = 194 10th Nov= 532 11th Nov = 595
12th Nov = 563 13th Nov = 376 14th Nov = 462
15th Nov = 168 16th Nov = 213 17th Nov = 589
18th Nov = 529 19th Nov = 501 20th Nov = 511
21st Nov = 341 22nd Nov = 398 23rd Nov = 206
24th Nov= 608 25th Nov= 696 26th Nov = 498 27th Nov = 521 28th Nov = 479 29th Nov = 215

Free (Spin) Bikes For NHS Workers

To help show our gratitude for your supreme efforts.
We at Micycle have a number of Spin bikes that we would like to loan out free of charge to any NHS workers.
That are either self-isolating or just keen to keep fit in these strange and stressful times.
We will arrange delivery and pickup.
If interested please call Matthew on 07973195920 to discuss.

One bike left!

Many thanks to all our NHS workers we all owe you big time.

31st Jan 2020 Sad Day For The UK

We at Micycle have nothing but contempt for the chancers and spivs that have with the help of a bent referendum brought us to this very depressing moment in history.

If you are one of the above please jog on and find another bike shop. You are quite simply not welcome here!

We want to show all our European customers love and support, so all bills paid for in Euros will get a 10% discount.

Thanks Micycle
Johnson and Cummings are Knobs

Booking Your Bike In For Servicing

We have six slots a day that you can pre book your bike into for servicing and repairs.

Please call or pop into the shop to reserve a place. 020 8347 9198

Unlike most cycle shops we also offer an on the spot while you wait small repairs service (punctures, brake and gear adjustments) these repairs are carried out on a first come first served queuing system.

We are a very small shop and storage is always a problem for us, so we would ask you to collect your bike as soon as possible after we have notified you it is ready.

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