Micycle N1:
47 Barnsbury Street London N1 1TP Tel: 0207 684 0671.
Mon 8.30 - 15.30 / Tue 11.30 - 18.30 / Wed 11.30 - 18.30 /Thur 8.30 - 15.30 / Fri 11.30 - 18.30 / Sat 11. 00- 17.30 / Sunday Closed
Micycle N4:
8 Ferme Park Road London N4 4ED Tel:0208 347 9180
Mon 8:30 - 15:30 / Tue, Thur & Fri 11.30 - 18.30 / Sat - 10:00 - 17:00 /
Wed & Sunday - Closed

Type of Membership

Choose the type of membership you want from the selection below:

GOLD: Gold membership @ £59.95 gives you a Free Bike Service worth £80 plus 10% off all our classes and courses. Please pay in the Barnsbury Street store.

Silver: Silver membership @ £5.00 per visit, gives you access to workshop and the famous Micycle bike wash. Please pay in the Barnsbury Street store

About Micycle

Micycle safetytips

It seems to us that motorists are taking a bit more notice of us all. Maybe because there are so many of us out there - safety in numbers we say. However there are several things you can do to help protect yourself.
We asked our cyclists what were their top 10 safety tips for cycling in London traffic.

# 1 NEVER undertake a bus or lorry and watch out for them turning left in front of you.

# 2 DO wear a helmet –
If you need convincing see this appeal from James Cracknell

# 3 Do NOT wear headphones.

Micycle servicing - From only £40.00

Every bike needs attention from time to time depending on use and style of ridding.
Bike services we offer are outlined below.

Micycling @ Micycle N1

We've now transformed Micycle N1 into a fully functioning indoor cycling studio. We've put the best indoor cycling instructors into a boutique environment and created welcoming spin classes where you can expect expert quality with a personal touch.

These intimate classes will deliver individual attention and coaching with the sunshine streaming through the windows. Expect high energy levels and unmissable playlists from London's top teachers whilst riding alongside some of the friendliest people in North London. Plus, you can get that dodgy left brake on your trusty town bike seen to by the Micycle boys after class.

These classes are for absolutely everyone. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, Melissa will adapt the class for you so you can ride in or out of your comfort zone!

We also offer Parent and Baby Spin Classes! Check them out at https://melissapower.co.uk/classes/#classinformation

Micycle home storage solutions

We have spent years researching the best answer to this question. As part of a two year project sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry we looked into the feasibility of developing a new storage system for home use. Along the way we discovered some surprising results that in part led the way to this whole Micycle venture .
We even come out and cut off those pesky locks that you lost the keys for!

Choosing a bike

Road, Off-road, City, Fixed wheel or Folding... with so many types of cycles out there how do you choose the right bike for you ? Come in and talk to one of our experts, we'll ask you some simple questions to determine what you should be looking at and give you some ideas.

Booking In Information For Leavers

My Dear Leavers

You just want Brexit!

So we have decided to give you a WTO terms Brexit today.
The first company in the UK to do this.

Remainers will of course see no difference in our services.

But for all you leavers there will be a WTO 28% tariff on all work on your bicycle. Of course all bills can be paid for in Euros.
Also FYI your bicycle will only be worked when we have completed all the remoaners's bicycles.

We at Micycle want you to be happy and to own your Brexit, as soon as possible.

Micycle bike wash Barnsbury Street Only

Have pride in your bike.

Treat it well and it will respond.

FREE to use bike wash for any Micycle members.
You are welcome to use our tailor-made bike wash any time the shop is open. We'll lend you all the kit you need, even hand you an apron and a pair of rubber gloves to get going.


At Micycle we have a well lit, fully kitted out workshop with plenty of space for our team of expert mechanics. or if you prefer, as a member, you can work on your own bike. All members are free to book a slot in our open access space, you will be given a protective apron and a set of tools to work with. We may operate an online booking system if it gets busy, to avoid queues, but for now just give us a call and book your space now.

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