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Even More Good News for Leavers

Please make sure you share this good news with all your Brexity friends.

A mere couple of months since your dear leader's brilliant deal has been in place and we have some great news to give you on the sunny uplands we have now entered:

-25th Feb The muppets are at it again what a vile bunch the are The Dear Leader's EU divorce deal has provoked unrest in the Leave camp, with hardline Tory Brexiteers (knob heads) calling on the prime minister to tear up arrangements for Northern Ireland which he negotiated and they backed in parliament less than two ago. In a report today, the European Research Group called on the prime minister to activate Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol, which allows him to suspend the agreement if it causes “serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties” or diversion of trade.

-24th Feb Delays importing and exporting goods to and from the EU have worsened since Brexit was introduced at the start of the year and will result in stock shortages and price rises for consumers, according to a report.

-23rd Feb For the true believers, a good Brexit is one that keeps the grievance alive; that makes foreigners the scapegoat for bad government; that continues to indulge the twin national myths of victimhood and heroic defiance. Measured for that purpose, Johnson’s pointless Brexit is perfect.

-23rd Feb Thousands of UK students hoping to spend the year abroad are caught in limbo after facing major disruption to their travel plans due to post-Brexit red tape and costs, in respect of which universities say they received inadequate guidance from the government.

-20th Feb UK flower growers struggle with pickers due to Brexit, owner of Varfell Farms the UK largest daffodil grower said they were having to chose which crops leave in the fields to rot as they are 350 pickers short this Spring.

-11th Feb A mere 42 into Brexit heaven and pesky Dutch have overtaken us in number of shares traded. Amsterdam now a larger trading hub than London.

-17th Feb The National Theatre has said uncertainty over obtaining visas and work permits in mainland Europe has led it to shelve plans to tour there.
"We are currently not able to confirm any touring commitments in Europe as a result of Brexit legislation," it said.
UK actors, musicians and crews can't work freely across the continent following the departure from the EU.

-17th Feb Orders for almost 100,000 trees have been cancelled by Northern Ireland buyers because of a post-Brexit ban on the plants being moved from Britain.

-16th Feb The creative industries have been left by the government to face virtually the same consequences as a “no-deal Brexit” a parliamentary hearing heard on the 16 Feb outlining the impact of EU visa arrangements on artists and crew wanting to work in the EU.

-16th Feb New visa rules for British artists, actors and theatre workers who want to work in Europe after Brexit are a “towering hurdle” that must be urgently addressed, according to an open letter signed by stars including Sir Ian McKellen, Julie Walters and Patrick Stewart.

-Knit wear manufacture stated "There’s absolutely no benefit right now in us trading with Europe,” he said. “Which is ridiculous.”

-Mr Raab said on 14th Feb "I think if you take a 10-year view, as well as looking at the short-term risk, which is right to do, actually the growth opportunities in the future are going to come from emerging and developing economies around the world.” Another total knob head comment from Mr Raab.

-14th Feb more incoherent rubbish from Mr Raab “[The EU] may be able to, if you like, nick a bit of business here or there from the City, but the problem is, the measures they will take to achieve that undermine their own competitiveness.”

-Slik exporter reported Covid-19 was a disaster for sales, but then came Brexit. “Having spent the last 25 years developing a successful sales operation throughout the EU, which until recently accounted for about 50% of our sales, we are now facing the prospect of our EU business being wiped out due to the complications of the Brexit deal,” says Bennett.

-"Britain used to be great but no longer,” he says, blaming Tory politicians at the top of government. “To adapt a phrase from our most famous leader, ‘Never in the field of British business has so much been destroyed for so many, by so few.’”

-M&S very. short on fish pies that my 92 year old dad loves. Staff informed me that this is due to Brexit!

-The economic blow dealt by Brexit will be four times greater in the UK than the EU, according to the latest forecasts by Brussels.

-Half of British exporters to the EU are facing difficulties with mounting Brexit red tape and border disruption after a month of the new rules, according to one of the most comprehensive business surveys since leaving the bloc.

-The boss of JD sports says Brexit has turned out to be "considerably worse" than he feared.
Peter Cowgill, chairman of JD Sports, said the red tape and delays in shipping goods to mainland Europe meant "double-digit millions" in extra costs.
He told the BBC the company might open a distribution centre overseas to help mitigate the problems, and that would mean job losses in the UK.

-Sam Baron lobster exporter who is winding up his 60-year-old family business has blamed the government for failing to be honest about Brexit red tape and hidden costs.

-7th Feb Last week the National Farmers’ Union and the National Pig Association revealed that, since 1 January, no cattle, sheep or goats have left the UK for mainland EU markets.

-Shellfish exporters have been taken aback by a ban on the export of unprocessed bivalve molluscs such as oysters and scallops.

-Veteran designer Katharine Hamnett warns “British brands will die” without a “radical overhaul” of customs arrangements with the EU, including VAT rules.

-As one managing director of a small UK company, which has had to cease all exports to the EU put it: “We expected difficulties but the range of issues Brexit has created across the board for us and so many others is completely off the scale.”

-Elton John has said that the UK’s Brexit negotiators “screwed up” a deal for British musicians and the broader music industry, and is calling for the government to re-enter negotiations.

-Business representatives say the biggest problem they have with the government in relation to Brexit at the moment is denial of reality.

-Ministers simply continue to claim that Brexit is going well when the inevitable cost of Brexit is for people who have spent their lives painstakingly building up a livelihood, only to find it wiped out almost overnight by a government that has eagerly embraced new barriers to trade.

-The volume of exports going through British ports to the EU fell by a staggering 68% last month compared with January last year, mostly as a result of problems caused by Brexit.

-There has been a "coming together of unionism" in recent days to oppose the NI Protocol, Arlene Foster has said. On Tuesday, the DUP published a five-point plan aimed at scrapping the NI part of the Brexit deal.

-Brexit going so well: 71 pages of paperwork for 1 lorry of fish. Bet the fishy folke are very happy they were quite so keen on making the fish happy to be British!

-We now have a Intresting situation where Mr Gove is trying to negotiate a relaxing of the friction on the Northern Irish boarder that the lying Mr Johnson insists no British PM would ever agree to and does no exist.

-5th Feb Livestock and live shellfish exports from the UK to mainland Europe are at a standstill as producers struggle with post-Brexit transport conditions.

-4th Feb Ian Paisley told the Commons that the Brexit agreement had betrayed unionists and made them "feel like foreigners in our own country". Is that what your tussled hair agreed lying Mr Johnson

-From January, UK nationals will only be able to travel without a visa to Schengen area countries for up to 90 days in any 180-day period (this includes most EU nations and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein). In addition, you will need to:
Have at least six months left on your passport, except for trips to Ireland.
Have travel insurance with health cover. Your current EHIC card will be valid until its expiry date and will be replaced by a new scheme in the future, but the government still advises you to get travel insurance with health cover.
Make sure you've checked roaming charges with your mobile provider, as the guarantee of free roaming will end.
Have obtained an animal health certificate from your vet at least 10 days before you travel - if you are travelling with your pet - including from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. The current EU pet passport scheme will no longer apply.
Use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens at border control.
Significantly, because of the Covid pandemic, travellers from non-EU countries - including the UK - will not be able to visit the EU at the moment, except for a certain number of essential reasons. Sounds great Mr Johnson!

-3rd Feb The great deal for British fishing that Mr Johnson hailed means the EU has told British fishermen they are indefinitely banned from selling live mussels, oysters, clams, cockles and scallops to its member states.
As the UK is now a separate country, it is not allowed to transport the animals to the EU unless they have already been treated in purification plants.

-31st Jan Some steel products could face post-Brexit taxes within months, the sector has warned.
UK Steel said it was "likely" that export quotas for some products would run out in the first quarter of this year - meaning exports would face a 25% tariff.

-A government move to change state aid rules after Brexit without a vote in parliament is being challenged in court, with a legal campaign group warning the manoeuvre could lead to a similar lack of scrutiny in areas such as workers’ rights and environmental protections.

-28th Jan The leaders of Britain’s five largest business groups have warned the government that firms face “substantial difficulties” at UK ports since Brexit, with the prospect of a “significant loss of business” if the situation is allowed to continue.

-Tony Hale has five containers of pork sitting at Rotterdam port that is now "rotten".
"We've not been able to move it on," says the boss of London-based DH Foods, "so it's going to have to be destroyed."
His containers are caught up in delivery delays to the EU caused by new Brexit paperwork. Across the UK, exporters have been reporting hold-ups due to new trade deal rules.

And there are signs, according to meat exporters, that customers are starting to go elsewhere for their supplies.

-Over half the HGV lorries bringing goods from the EU are returning empty! Remind me who got a great deal Mr Johnson.

-Devon and Scottish Fisherman are unable to export their catch, so are not going out or landing their catch in Denmark!

-A plethora of small and medium size export firms on advice from Government Trade Advisors are looking at opening up EU offices / units to avoid lengthy and costly boarder delays!

-UK retailers could abandon goods EU customers want to return, with some even thinking of burning them because it is cheaper than bringing them home. Since 1 January, lots of European customers have been presented with an unexpected customs invoice when signing for goods they've ordered from the UK. These new customs charges are a result of the new EU trade deal with the UK.

-Logistics and warehousing companies in the Netherlands have received over 500 requests from British businesses looking to rent warehouse space, as the country experiences a Brexit boom in investment and jobs.

-Brexit supporting Mr R Daltry has now signed a letter to Mr Johnson stating how damaging this deal will be on the UK music industry!

-Mastercard is to increase the fees EU firms face to take payments from online shoppers from the UK by at least 400%, in a move that could mean higher prices for consumers.

-Amazon is preparing to remove some products for sale to NI customers as a result of the Irish Sea border.

-Daily Telegraph is now trying to blame Mrs Merkel for all these troubles rather than their lying ex EU journalist!

Please feel free to forward us any other good news stories of how us leaving the EU has benefitted the UK. To save you time please do not bother to tell me of companies that have decided to stay in the UK, they were here already!