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Even More Good News for Leavers

Please make sure you share this good news with all your Brexity friends.

A mere few months since your dear leader's brilliant deal has been in place and we have some great news to give you on the sunny uplands we have now entered:

-Volumes of goods shipped directly from Ireland to the EU on new Brexit-busting ferry routes have rocketed by 50% in the past six months as exporters seek to avoid travelling across land through Great Britain, according to official data.

-Mr lying Johnson has certainly put the great back in Britain a post-Brexit scheme to draw the world’s most celebrated academics and other leading figures to the UK has failed to attract a single applicant in the six months since it opened, it has been reported. Well done could not see how this Brexit malarkey could be doing any better.

-Trade surges between Northern Ireland and Ireland after Brexit However, data shows negative impact of leaving EU on trade between republic and Great Britain. About sums what you muppets voted for. Having seconds thoughts yet muppets?

-It seems at last that the great British public is waking up to the great Brexit disaster. Almost twice as many voters now believe Brexit is having a negative effect on the UK economy as think it is benefiting the nation’s finances, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer, carried out during budget week. Well it has taken a while but what about the dognuts who think the opposite???????????????????????

-As Jonathan Portes so beautiful put it, "from an economic perspective, Covid is for Christmas, while Brexit is for life".

Jonathan Portes is professor of economics and public policy at King’s College London

-Mr Frost in 2016 “Our interest is to be part of the biggest possible market with the fewest possible barriers. The European single market gives us that. The European free trade agreements gives us that. Why would we want to depart from that?”
Mr Frost in 2021 total and utter blige comes out of his mouth every single day. What a knob!

-David Putman got it bang on in his resignation speech from the Lords the Film producer says ministers on ‘path to self-inflicted disaster’ and were ‘pig-ignorant’ in Brexit negotiations

-Mr Frost what a repellent individual prior to drinking the kool aid he was for remaining in the EU now that he appeares to hate the EU with every fiber in is body. But what he really really hates about the Northern Ireland protocol is that it is working so well for both North and South and that NI is leaving the rest of the UK in it's wake. How unpleasant a person do you need to be to try and wreck something that is working so well for the people that live there. An utter cock of a man not even elected by anybody.

-Well that went............. Just 20 UK visas have been issued to HGV drivers from abroad who took up the emergency offer of employment to avoid empty shelves in the run-up to Christmas, a senior minister has admitted.
Mr Dowden, the Conservative party chair, said there were a “relatively limited” number of people applying for the jobs, with about 300 applications received and “just over 20” fully processed.

-Mr lying Johnson at it again how repugnant is this man?
The UK government always intended to “ditch” the Northern Ireland protocol, Boris Johnson’s former adviser Dominic Cummings has claimed.
In a string of tweets, Cummings said the flawed Brexit deal had been a way to get out of the electoral doldrums and “whack [Jeremy] Corbyn”, and “of course” the government should be allowed to “sometimes break deals… like every other state does”
His remarks have caused alarm in Dublin, where the former taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who negotiated the Northern Ireland protocol with Johnson at a meeting in Wirral in October 2019, said that, if true, they showed the government could not be trusted.
“Those comments are very alarming because that would indicate that this is a government administration that acted in bad faith,” Varadkar said. “And that message needs to be heard around the world, because if the British government doesn’t honour its agreements, doesn’t adhere to treaties it signs, that must apply to everyone else too. Mr lying Johnson is a liar nothing more and nothing less.

“So at the moment they’re going around the world they are trying to negotiate new trade agreements. The message must go out to all countries around the world that this is a British government that doesn’t necessarily keep its word, doesn’t necessarily honour the agreements it makes.”

-As Mr J Crace so brilliantly put it. "Also in for a shock was the Brexit minister, Lord Frost, who is going to be furious with Lord Frost when he discovers that Lord Frost was the person who negotiated the Northern Ireland protocol. In front of an audience of just a handful of people – compassionate Tories were staying away to save him from too much public embarrassment"
Even the fools who negotiated this shitty Brexit deal think it is pants!

-European and US news outlets having been having a field day at Mr lying Johnson expense and ripping the mick out of our shambloic supply chain cock up. Perhaps the sharpest outside view of Britain’s woes came, however, in a New Yorker cartoon. “The shortages are all British made and British owned,” Boris Johnson is shown as saying. “And that’s something we can be incredibly proud of.”. Well said wake up people!

-Mr lying Johnson is at it again. Speaking to BBC One’s Andrew Marr show, he said: “I hate to break it to you, Andrew, but I’m afraid our food processing industry does involve killing a lot of animals, that is the reality. Your viewers need to understand that. That’s just what happens.”
When Marr pointed out that it would be different, as in this instance the pigs would not be butchered for food and the farmers would receive no income, Johnson said this was part of a wider transformation of the economy post-Brexit.
Then Mr lying Johnson brought in his cod greek suggesting that the they would be salughtwred for feast or religious reason
“If I may say so, the great hecatomb of pigs that you describe has not yet actually taken place.
The utter knob trying to make himself sound intelligent he is beneath contempt.
Asked whether labour shortages and the associated disruption they caused were an inevitable part of his Brexit policy, Johnson did not disagree.

-The final nail in the idea that the shitty Brexit deal signed by Mr lying Johnson was anything other than a complete disaster for the UK has been driven home by the latest government Screeching U turn.
New immigration measures will allow 300 fuel drivers to arrive immediately and stay until the end of March, while 100 army drivers will take to the roads from Monday, the government announced late on Friday.
About 4,700 further food haulage drivers will arrive from late October and leave by the end of February. No longer hear much on the sunny uplands anymore doubt we ever will.

-You could have knocked us down with a feather the very first Bertix dividend it is all coming alright fokes............ Thousands of Germans who live in the UK have been written to by the government asking them to drive lorries in an attempt to ease the UK fuel crisis, even though the majority have never been at the wheel of an HGV. What could go wrong we have no idea well done for keeping the faith.!

-For how much longer can the lying Tories carry on denning reality.... Treasury minister Simon Clark branded ‘ridiculous’ after claiming HGV driver shortage has nothing to do with Brexit,
what a plonker he is and how stupid does he think you are?

Mr lying Johnson has got a little confused. After telling all non UK workers they are not welcome in this country and in fact many HGV drivers were stranded in a car park in Kent last Christmas has now declared that he will issue 5000 temporary visas for HGV drivers to help try and ease the UK supply problems 'don't panic' as the very people who were conned into voting for the shit show that is Brexit are queuing and fighting on the petrol forecourts. Why on earth would our EU friends want to come and save Mr lying Johnson sorry arse. You could not make it up. So as not to upset the racists that support Mr lying Johnson the visas will expire on Christmas eve!

-Mr lying Johnson has had to put a sock in his gloating mouth. Nine EU countries, including Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France, Belgium and Italy, have now administered one or both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine to a larger share of their populations than the UK, with a further five having overtaken the US. Also the EU has donated over 700 million doses of the vaccine to pooer countries. Sady UK has not behaved as well we have donated nothing like this amount. We have behaved like a spoiled child hording all the sweets.

-Sir Elton John has voiced his anger recently as Brexit impacts musicians ability to tour in the EU. Since leaving the EU, musicians are no longer guaranteed visa-free travel in the bloc, and may face huge fees when they go on tour. Sir Elton said "it's a nightmare" and "to young people just starting a career, it's crucifying". He added: "They are philistines. The Government are philistines. We've got used to governments - especially the British Government - just telling us lies every day, and I don't feel OK with that. Look what they did with the NHS. We think MR John is 100% correct in identifying this government as Lying Philistines.

-Must be quite tricky reading the news for those who were in favour of Brexit now the daily train crashes keep mounting proving us Remoaners right. Ministers are poised to agree an extraordinary post-Brexit U-turn that would allow foreign lorry drivers back into the UK to stave off shortages threatening fuel and food supplies. Mr lying Johnson ordered a rapid fix on Friday to prevent the crisis escalating. Ministers met in an attempt to agree a short-term visa scheme permitting potentially thousands more lorry drivers from abroad to come to the UK. Still think it will be while before you have dencey to admit your mistake of voting for this shambles.

- Paul Kelly, a major and now struggling turkey supplier in Essex: “The reason we’re having all these issues is entirely because of Brexit and nothing else.” The issue in question is the shortage of labour: “The people who we used to have coming into the country to pluck and pack our turkeys: they’re no longer allowed in.”
It’s as simple as that. Yet few dare say it so baldly. Note the words of Becton, Dickinson, the NHS’s main supplier of blood collection tubes, when asked to explain the shortage of sample bottles that led GPs to be told to stop performing blood tests for most of this month. The company blamed “transportation challenges” and “UK border challenges”. Hmm, border challenges. I wonder what those might be.

-More good new for you Brexit loving peps three of the UK’s biggest operators of petrol stations have warned of fuel shortages at some forecourts across the country, with the severe lack of lorry drivers nationwide now disrupting fuel supplies.
But of course you knew what you were voting for NOT.

-Mr lying Johnson is at it again speaking to reporters on a plane to New York for a meeting of the UN general assembly, the prime minister suggested the Dutch government was looking to act as a mediator between the European Commission and London on the differences that have arisen in recent months.
“I talked to Mark Rutte [the Dutch PM] the other night, who wanted to come and see if he could mediate on the issue and I said, you know, we really want to make progress,” Johnson had said. “We seek a solution, but it has to be one that allows the free movement of goods between all parts of our country.”
Dutch diplomatic sources expressed surprise at the prime minister’s comments, insisting that Rutte had instead specifically urged Johnson to be pragmatic in his dealings with the European Commission. Such an embarrassing twat.

-GB news in turmoil as Mr Brexit Neil was outmanoeuvred by the former Ukip leader Mr ultral Brexit Farage and has now resigned after spending the summer in his South of France home. You could not make this up. We at Micycle are extremely happy as we hate GB news, Mr Neil and Mr Farage. Happy Days!

-They lying government decided to do something postive and relax the HGV test you will no longer need to prove you can reverse a truck to get a licence. Sounds odd to us.

-Sorry Brexit lovers it now has unravelled on all metrics. Signs that the government might have to delay the physical checks on food and animal products coming in from the EU emerged in the summer when the officials told angry residents in Dover that plans for a giant lorry park for HMRC and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks had been radically downsized and would not be ready until July 2022.
The government’s lack of planning for Brexit meant the necessary infrastructure involving border control posts in key ferry ports including Holyhead, Pembrokeshire and Dover has yet to be built.
Monday’s announcement confirmed that “pre-notification of agri-food imports” to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which were due to come into force on 1 October, would be put back to January.
New requirements for export health certificates also due to come in on 1 October would be delayed by nine months until 1 July 2022 while the SPS checks due on 1 January would be delayed by six months until 1 July 2022.
Business leaders including the NFU said delaying the new trade barriers would not solve the food shortages in the supermarkets as this was the result of a chronic lack of lorry drivers. Let's just apologise for being a bunch numities and ask if we can rejoin.

-The hopelessly useless Mr Frost is trying to blame the EU over the row over Brexit and Northern Ireland that has escalated after the UK government issued a new warning to the EU that it will not shy away from unilaterally suspending the Northern Ireland protocol agreed by Boris Johnson last year. They lie and lie again.

-Mr lying Johnson deal has another brilliant consequence the trade barriers that made the import of Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pig sweets one of the first casualties of Brexit has added an extra £600m in costs to British importers since January, it has emerged.

-Head of HMRC confirmed that there will be an extra £7.4billion a year of red tape and customs form filling due to the hopeless Brexit deal negotiated by Mr Frost and Mr Lying Johnson.

-The lying UK government still trying to lie it's way out Irish Protocol. Speaking to an audience at Queen’s University in Belfast, Šefčovič said he was “acutely” aware of the unionist unease with the protocol but that there was no alternative, given Boris Johnson’s government had opted for a hard Brexit.

-Of course you knew what you were voting for. Revelations this week that water companies running short of vital chemicals due to your beloved Brexit will be allowed to discharge semi-treated sewage into England’s already polluted rivers and seas. Well done it does appear to be going so well....................

-Simon Jenkins wrote recently "in order to further his chances of becoming Tory leader Boris Johnson made two commitments. One was to resign from the EU, the other was to depart Europe’s customs union and single market, aspects of which embrace other non-EU states such as Norway. The second decision was an almost casual gesture to make him look macho to the party’s hardline Brexiters. It was not put to referendum and was beyond stupid.
Come on sheeply you must now be thinking what a cock up Brexit is.

-Exports of food and drink to the EU have suffered a “disastrous” decline in the first half of the year because of Brexit trade barriers, with sales of beef and cheese hit hardest.
Food and Drink Federation (FDF) producers lost £2bn in sales, a dent in revenue that could not be compensated for by the increased sales in the same period to non-EU countries including China and Australia.

-Wetherspoons runnig out of beer reported in the Press due to Brexit makes you want to feel sorry for the nice Mr Martin maybe not.

-Not very surprising but more evidence that Brexit is shit........... The government has pushed back a deadline for the launch of post-Brexit product safety standards by allowing companies to follow EU rules until 2023, in the latest climbdown amid concerns over the economy.

-We think we have at last found a positive story to relay onto you leavers. You were right after all Brexit has been good for errr... The Irish Republic it has all been worth it. With Northern Ireland effectively remaining a member of the EU’s single market, the value of goods sent to the republic soared to €1.8bn (£1.5bn) in the first six months of 2021, an increase of 77% over the same period in 2020. Irish goods exports to the region rose by 40% over the same period, reaching almost €1.6bn.
Meanwhile, Britain was subject to the full gamut of EU border checks for the first time in four decades, and trade fell accordingly. Exports to Ireland slid by 32% in the first six months after Brexit, while sales of Irish goods in the other direction rose 20%, in a sign that the republic isn’t suffering as much as had been feared from disruption with its largest trading partner.
You leavers must be feeling warm and fuzzy about this and at last you now have a stick to beat the remoaners with.

-UK poultry producers have warned that serious staff shortages caused by Brexit could mean there are not enough turkeys to go round this Christmas.
This week’s partial closure of the restaurant chain Nando’s, as well as fewer dishes on the menu at KFC, has thrown the consumer spotlight on a labour crisis exacerbated by Covid.
The British Poultry Council (BPC) said its members, which include 2 Sisters Food Group – the country’s largest supplier of supermarket chicken and KellyBronze Turkeys, had told them that one in six jobs were unfilled as a result of EU workers leaving the UK after Brexit.
Here's your chance leavers roll up your sleeves and grab a job to help defend Christmas.

-The time has now come to admit that your Brexit is total shit and huge mistake, Exports from Ireland to Great Britain soared in the first six months after Brexit as imports sent in the opposite direction declined, according to Irish government figures. Come on man up and admit that Brexit has been a huge mistake and you were sold a pup by liars.

-More problems for their brilliant Brexit. Emergency Brexit powers for lorry queues to be made permanent
Exclusive: ministers to make traffic provisions indefinite in expectation of further cross-Channel disruption. Now why would they do this?

-Not very surprising. A letter to Boris Johnson sent a fortnight ago by James Ramsbotham called on the prime minister to save the north-east from the “damage being done to our economy” by Brexit and urged him to give it his “most urgent and personal attention”. Two weeks later, it remains unanswered.
Ramsbotham is the chief executive of the North East England Chamber of Commerce and speaks for thousands of businesses caught by the red tape and extra costs of complying with EU rules. In a recent survey, 38% of members said sales to Europe had fallen since January.

-There is now no hiding place for the shit show that is Brexit it keeps giving and giving sadly proving us remoaners more right every day.
Yet more lies from a lying government they now just can't stop themselves everything they say is somehow a lie or bending the truth trying to hide their rotten stinking Brexit. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) this week released a statement headlined: “Visa-free short-term touring allowed in 19 member states. ”It said following discussions with every EU member state it could confirm that performers did not need visas or work permits for short-term tours in 19 countries
It was interpreted by some as a step forward. But David Martin, the chief executive of the Featured Artists Coalition, said it changed nothing. “We knew all this in January. The idea that the government has done something fantastic or that it has won some concessions is not correct. The announcement is not new information to the music industry.”
The difficulties involved in touring remained, he said, with the rules differing in each of those 19 countries. Also, he said, visas and work permits were only one issue causing enormous problems because of Brexit.
“I’m feeling frustrated and really, really concerned about the future of our industry and the ability to tour in Europe. It is by far our biggest market … it is four times the size of the US market for British artists – it is huge.”

-For months we have been told by the lying Mr Johnson that we were world beating in the vaccine roll out and this was true for a good while, but he of course continues to pedal this myth as we drop further down the percentage of our population vaccinated table. With many in the EU leaving us in their wake while they have donated millions of vaccines to poorer countries, while the UK has yet to donate a single dose. God Mr Johnson is like a spoiled lying brat.

-The traffic light system for overseas travel what a total cock up like most things Mr Shapps (if that the name he is using this week) is involved with. What a truly third rate bunch of low life's.

-Mr Frost who agreed the Brexit deal now says we can not go on with the Northern Protocol as it is. Does the knob not remember agreeing to the deal a little over 6 months ago?

-More good news because we have lost so many HGV drivers since Brexit the knobs in government are having to relax the restrictions on numbers of hours a driver can drive for before taking a break. They are truly making it up as they go and with little regard to safety. Resign the lot of you Brexit tossers.

-Even for the most keen leavers the penny must be starting to drop! British food and drink exports to the EU fell by £2bn in the first three months of 2021, with sales of dairy products plummeting by 90%, according to an analysis of HMRC data. But at least you can have blue passport that you can not use as the incompetent Mr Johnson has let in the Delta variant. Time for him to resign and you to admit your mistakes and then we can start to act as grown ups and apologise to the EU for our shocking rude behaviour.

-Mr Frost is now asking the EU to make an exception for the 'Great British Banger' did the cock not understand the treaty he 'negotiated' or it is he simple a liar like the rest of the rest of them! Think I might I know.

-Mr lying Johnson has been at it again: A row has overshadowed a summit at which Johnson had hoped to showcase “global Britain” as a strong and independent force on the world stage after Brexit. Instead, former British ambassadors said his failure to honour a Brexit deal that he himself had helped negotiate had fatally undermined trust in his government and damaged its international reputation.

-The piss is being taken on an all mighty scale now. The Daily Telegraph is reporting on their front page that the oven ready deal that the lying Mr Johnson signed Christmas eve and was hailed as the best thing since sliced bread was now signed under duress and EU must have know we would break it in less than six months.
What a pile of shit this 'broad sheet' has become supporting this shitty lying government. Anyone woken up yet??? They are taking you all for mugs.

-That oven ready deal that the lying Mr Johnson said was sooooo good appears to be not that good for Northern Ireland after all. Wake up peeps you have been sold a pup.

-Farm incomes dropped drastically last year, as poor weather combined with the impact of the pandemic and Brexit-related issues wiped close to a billion pounds off the UK’s farming economy and increased hardship for many small farmers.

-Broadbean's managing director Alex Fourlis.
"Perhaps more concerningly, though, this drop in applications follows the UK's exit from the EU and potentially suggests that Brexit has had a long-lasting impact on hospitality."

-First they threw the Fisher folk under the bus and now they are throwing the farming folk under an Australian bus. The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has warned that freeing up the UK-Australian trade in meat will lead to hundreds of British cow and sheep breeders going out of business. A large proportion of both these groups were most probably Brexit supporters. Is there no one the lying Mr Johnson would not betray?

-Disgraceful behaviour from our boarder force Marco was detained for hours while border officials, who had refused his request to stamp the arrival date on his passport, pondered over a letter from his lawyer telling him he needed the official marking on his passport in order to take up his new job.
“I was escorted to a waiting room. After almost three hours I was called by an officer who explained to me that it was ‘a bit of a grey area’ as my visa had been issued in electronic form and no guidance had been given by the government on how this would be formally recognised/recorded on one’s passport,” said Marco.
When he arrived at his new job, the first thing the HR department required was the stamp on his passport for their ‘right to work’ check.
Marco’s case is one of half a dozen brought to the attention of the Guardian, which has reported how another cohort of EU citizens – those arriving to visit or to look for work – have been handcuffed, locked up and had personal belongings removed from them before being deported.

- Only two Trillion of derivatives sales have left for New York since our marvellous Brexit in March alone. That was worth it wasn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!

-UK largest independent, milk and cream producer has reported that they have experienced a 97%drop in exports to the EU since Mr Johnson' s cracking Brexit deal. Dear leavers how much more harm needs to be done to British companies before you wake up and smell the cream!!!!!!!!

-Fishing crews have been "disastrously let down" by the government's failure to reach a deal with Norway, UK Fisheries chief executive has said.
UK fleets will not have access to Norway's sub-Arctic seas, following the breakdown of UK-Norway negotiations.
The government said it had offered a "fair deal" but the two sides were "too far apart" to agree a deal this year. Not such a good deal is it Mr Frost and Mr Johnson.
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said fishing communities had been "betrayed by the prime minister".

-It would be good if the twat that is Tim Martin has staffing problems we at Micycle have avoided Wetherspoons like the plague since he be came out as a 'Brexit hard man' . But we are sorry for the rest of the hospitality industry that is facing a staffing crisis as restaurants and pubs say that up to a quarter of those employed before the Covid-19 pandemic will not return.

-Never buy a Dyson HOVER as firstly they look pants and Mr Dyson is a self severing creep who did not make one functioning ventilator that has been used in the NHS, but somehow wants us all to thank him daily for not being very good. We at Micycle are pleased that he has crept off to Singapore please don't come back with your over inflated ego. We go out of our way never to use your noisy hand dyers either.

-Ireland’s Central Statistics Office has reported that the value of goods imported from Britain fell by 57% in January and February combined, a drop of nearly €1.6bn.
Exports to Great Britain from the Republic were also lower, down 12% in the first two months of 2021.

-Mr Johnson wrote the following prior to Brexit
"If we left the EU, we would end this sterile debate and we would have to recognize that most of our problems are not caused by Brussels, but by chronic British short termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills, a culture of easy gratification and underinvestment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure.” So he does love his fellow leavers!

-In December 2019, Boris Johnson opted to put the border in the Irish Sea to get his Brexit deal over the line. He then chose to lie about it, live on TV, saying there would be no border and that no one would have to fill in any forms.
At the beginning of this year, however, the truth began to seep through. Unionists found it hard to believe that the British PM would have brazenly lied to them. We are Micycle are not at all surprised that the lying Mr Johnson lied, as they say a leopard can not change its spots.

-Joe McCarthy writes.
More than anything, the British government and Northern Irish unionists must accept the reality that the newly imposed barriers to GB-NI trade are fundamentally caused by Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The NI protocol is merely the means by which Brussels has tried to help the UK deal with the problems Boris Johnson recklessly and idly created with his very hard Brexit.

-A campaigner for EU citizens’ rights in the UK has said she is in a state of shock after the Home Office rejected her application for settled status despite her having lived in the the country for more than half her life.
Dahaba Ali, 27, moved to the UK at the age of 10. She was born in the Netherlands where her mother was granted refugee status after fleeing the conflict in Somalia.

-The legion of traders who have indulged Britain’s bargain hunters for decades with their van loads of curios and collectibles from France fear Brexit is about to upend their specialist trade just as open markets and vintage shops are about to reopen.

-The founder of a Scottish dog food business has told how Brexit forced him to move to France after his exports to the EU were halted because of the new trade barriers in place since 1 January. After 10 weeks of daily calls and emails to government representatives, who he said were “absolutely terrible”, Antoon Murphy said he was left with no other option than to relocate or face losing the business.

-Environment secretary, George Eustice, is facing a threat of legal action from shellfish farmers over claims that the government has misled the industry over its post-Brexit arrangements with the EU.
-Thousands of British citizens in France have been left without a valid driving licence, or face losing theirs within months, because of bureaucratic overload and the failure of the two countries’ governments to sign a post-Brexit reciprocal agreement.

-David Green is the founder of Chapel Cottage Plants, a hardy perennial grower in Cambridgeshire. He says: “Brexit is causing major problems. Because it’s very difficult to get plants into the UK, the British grower is overwhelmed with demand.”

-British garden wholesalers, already hit hard by global supply chain issues, social distancing measures and a shortage of migrant workers, are now battling with new red tape around plant imports from the EU. Throw in Brexit-related congestion at British ports and a giant container ship blocking the Suez canal and you end up with a shortage of plants and patio furniture – and a lot of disappointed gardeners.

-You have laugh the only museum with nothing much to show. Leave campaigners have begun raising funds to open a Museum of Brexit after the long-awaited project was granted charitable status.

-More great advice from the crack cabinet team Co-founder of Cheshire Cheese Company told by environment minister to look at US and Canada markets rather than EU

-Britain has lost "significant" access to EU policing data under the Brexit deal negotiated at the end of last year, a House of Lords report has said.
It also concluded that post-Brexit law enforcement arrangements are "complex" and "untested".
And peers warned it would take much longer for vital data to be passed to frontline police officers.

-This will annoy you leavers 77m doses made by producers in the EU had been shipped to 33 countries since 1 December. Of those 21m went to the UK of which just over 1 million were from AstraZeneca, with the rest supplied by Pfizer.
While good old Brexit Britain has not shipped one single dose anywhere. You probably don't want to use any of the 21m doses as they been made in the evil EU!

-Meat producers in Great Britain could once sell meat to EU customers as easily as they could at home. Since Brexit, exporters face a process of up to 26 steps, with every shipment logged in multiple databases and certified by reams of red tape. You daft Leavers really have been duped when will you man up and admit you have made the worst decision ever???

-Whisky, cheese and chocolate producers have suffered the biggest post-Brexit export losses in the food and drink sector, new figures from HMRC have shown. Analysis of the figures by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) shows cheese exports in January plummeted from £45m to £7m year on year, while whisky exports nosedived from £105m to £40m. Chocolate exports went from £41.4m to just £13m, a decline of 68%.

-The Republic of Ireland imported almost €1bn (£856m) less of British goods in January compared with the same month in 2020.
That represents a fall of 65%, with the decline of Great Britain food imports even steeper, down by 75%, according to Ireland's Central Statistics Office.
January was the first month of post-Brexit trading arrangements.

-Britain’s foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has been accused by Brussels of displaying a “total misunderstanding” of the Brexit deal after claiming the EU was trying to erect a barrier between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. Quel surprise.

-Labour MP Harriet Harman says government ‘cocked up’ negotiations on touring and is ignorant of the value of music to the economy.
Another thing you no doubt factored into your carfeully thought through Brexit vote!

-This one will no doubt shock you Ministers are weakening the UK’s environmental protections in the aftermath of leaving the EU, an assessment of the government’s performance has found, despite promises of a green Brexit.

-15th March The EU has formally launched legal action against the UK, alleging that Boris Johnson has broken international law over Brexit implementation in Northern Ireland.

-The lying toad that is Mr Johnson is now exposed for all to see. Brexit is not “done”. It’s not working. It’s not even Brexit.

-In January Brexit delays caused a £5.6bn loss to the economy when it can least afford it. Exports of food and live animals were particularly badly hit, down by 63.6%. Producers of fish and shellfish, who Johnson personally pledged to protect, saw their exports collapse by 83% year on

-Adding insult to injury, reciprocal import checks and controls on the UK side will remain absent until next year, Downing Street now confirms. In truth, the government could no longer conceal its abject failure to install necessary border infrastructure and computer systems. In practice, this means that EU exporters to the UK get a free ride while UK business continues to be handicapped by mountains of paperwork – as agreed by Johnson.

-13th March The Treasury’s official economic forecaster, the Office for Budget Responsibility, has said the thin Brexit deal signed on Christmas Eve would knock 4 percentage points off UK growth over the longer term. But you very clever leavers had factored this into your Brexit supporting vote. Well done.

13th March Rod McKenzie head of Road Haulage Association PR said the recruitment of customs agents needed to rise by around 30,000 to nearer 50,000 to cope with the extra regulations. “Judging by our own experience of customs agents, they are swamped with calls and turning away business, which is ridiculous when we have had four years to sort this out.”

13th March The collapse of Britain’s trade with the EU will continue into the summer after the failure to recruit up to 30,000 customs agents, despite government assurances that normal service has resumed, industry groups have warned.

-12th March more careful planning by the negligent Mr Johnson and the unelected repulsive Mr Frost as it appears the government failed to carry out an economic impact assessment of their Brexit deal, after two key government departments confirmed that they had no such document. One can only wonder why!!! Have you woken up yet?

-Just as a heads up my dear leavers your star studied team even managed to publish an analysis of the deal struck with Albania, a country with which trade was worth £45m in 2019. Trade with the EU is worth 15,000 times as much. That will cover the short fall no doubt.........

-More mess caused by your heros they could not organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery when are you finaly going to wake up and smell the coffee? The UK government has been forced to delay the introduction of import checks by six months, in a U-turn in post-Brexit policy, because a network of 30 border posts being built to process incoming goods would not have been ready on time.

-12th March January saw the biggest monthly fall in imports and exports since Office for National Statistics records on trade began in 1997.

-11th March Catherine Bedford, founder of Dashel, which makes carbon fibre and recycled cycle helmets, said the disruption was killing her business. “Thanks to Brexit, we’ve gone from profitable to barely scraping by,” she said. “We can’t predict delivery times as items are being held up at French customs, our entry point into Europe. There is a massive backlog and items are being turned back despite up-to-date paperwork.”

11th March Two months after the UK left the EU on trade terms agreed by Boris Johnson’s government, research from the manufacturing trade group Make UK has shown that 74% of firms in a survey of more than 200 leading industrial companies are facing delays with EU imports and exports.

-8th March In its report accompanying last week’s budget, the Office for Budget Responsibility repeated its view that the additional trade barriers caused by Brexit would reduce UK productivity in the long run by about 4%.

-8th March Ministers are preparing to relax post-Brexit plans for border checks on food and other imports from the European Union because of fears that they will further damage trade and could lead to severe shortages in UK supermarkets.

-7th March The Cabinet Office run by Michael Gove has been officially reprimanded by the UK Statistics Authority for using unpublished and unverifiable data in an attempt to deny that Brexit had caused a massive fall in volumes of trade through British ports.

-5th March more bad faith from Mr Johnson and his team, Brussels has warned it will launch legal action “very soon” following a move by the UK to unilaterally delay implementation of part of the Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland.

-4th March You must be extremely proud of your hopeless Brexit now Mr Johnson. A body that claims to represent loyalist paramilitary organisations has told Boris Johnson the outlawed groups are withdrawing support for Northern Ireland’s historic peace agreement.

-3rd March The British government has been accused of breaking international law for a second time by the European commission after ministers said the UK would unilaterally act to give Northern Ireland businesses time to adapt to post-Brexit rules.

-City firms revealed in the final months of 2020 that they planned to shift nearly £100bn in assets to the EU, taking the total value of assets lost to the bloc since the Brexit vote to £1.3 trillion, according to a new survey.

-1st March Britain’s manufacturers suffered from mounting supply chain disruption in February as Brexit and the third Covid lockdown weighed down growth in factory production, according to a survey.

-1st March A Devon fisherman Mr Perkes had been keen on Brexit, but now said: “Boris Johnson came here and said we were going to get all our fish back and have free trade. That’s turned out to be nonsense.”

1st March The company that build Vauxhall cars has weighed up three options for their current plant: building a new version of the Vauxhall/Opel Astra, constructing another model or winding it down.
The government has been closely following the decision, which had been seen as a key test of the UK’s automotive prospects after Brexit and as the transition to electric vehicles accelerates.

-25th Feb The muppets are at it again what a vile bunch the are The Dear Leader's EU divorce deal has provoked unrest in the Leave camp, with hardline Tory Brexiteers (knob heads) calling on the prime minister to tear up arrangements for Northern Ireland which he negotiated and they backed in parliament less than two ago. In a report today, the European Research Group called on the prime minister to activate Article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol, which allows him to suspend the agreement if it causes “serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties” or diversion of trade.

-24th Feb Delays importing and exporting goods to and from the EU have worsened since Brexit was introduced at the start of the year and will result in stock shortages and price rises for consumers, according to a report.

-23rd Feb For the true believers, a good Brexit is one that keeps the grievance alive; that makes foreigners the scapegoat for bad government; that continues to indulge the twin national myths of victimhood and heroic defiance. Measured for that purpose, Johnson’s pointless Brexit is perfect.

-23rd Feb Thousands of UK students hoping to spend the year abroad are caught in limbo after facing major disruption to their travel plans due to post-Brexit red tape and costs, in respect of which universities say they received inadequate guidance from the government.

-20th Feb UK flower growers struggle with pickers due to Brexit, owner of Varfell Farms the UK largest daffodil grower said they were having to chose which crops leave in the fields to rot as they are 350 pickers short this Spring.

-11th Feb A mere 42 into Brexit heaven and pesky Dutch have overtaken us in number of shares traded. Amsterdam now a larger trading hub than London.

-17th Feb The National Theatre has said uncertainty over obtaining visas and work permits in mainland Europe has led it to shelve plans to tour there.
"We are currently not able to confirm any touring commitments in Europe as a result of Brexit legislation," it said.
UK actors, musicians and crews can't work freely across the continent following the departure from the EU.

-17th Feb Orders for almost 100,000 trees have been cancelled by Northern Ireland buyers because of a post-Brexit ban on the plants being moved from Britain.

-16th Feb The creative industries have been left by the government to face virtually the same consequences as a “no-deal Brexit” a parliamentary hearing heard on the 16 Feb outlining the impact of EU visa arrangements on artists and crew wanting to work in the EU.

-16th Feb New visa rules for British artists, actors and theatre workers who want to work in Europe after Brexit are a “towering hurdle” that must be urgently addressed, according to an open letter signed by stars including Sir Ian McKellen, Julie Walters and Patrick Stewart.

-Knit wear manufacture stated "There’s absolutely no benefit right now in us trading with Europe,” he said. “Which is ridiculous.”

-Mr Raab said on 14th Feb "I think if you take a 10-year view, as well as looking at the short-term risk, which is right to do, actually the growth opportunities in the future are going to come from emerging and developing economies around the world.” Another total knob head comment from Mr Raab.

-14th Feb more incoherent rubbish from Mr Raab “[The EU] may be able to, if you like, nick a bit of business here or there from the City, but the problem is, the measures they will take to achieve that undermine their own competitiveness.”

-Slik exporter reported Covid-19 was a disaster for sales, but then came Brexit. “Having spent the last 25 years developing a successful sales operation throughout the EU, which until recently accounted for about 50% of our sales, we are now facing the prospect of our EU business being wiped out due to the complications of the Brexit deal,” says Bennett.

-"Britain used to be great but no longer,” he says, blaming Tory politicians at the top of government. “To adapt a phrase from our most famous leader, ‘Never in the field of British business has so much been destroyed for so many, by so few.’”

-M&S very. short on fish pies that my 92 year old dad loves. Staff informed me that this is due to Brexit!

-The economic blow dealt by Brexit will be four times greater in the UK than the EU, according to the latest forecasts by Brussels.

-Half of British exporters to the EU are facing difficulties with mounting Brexit red tape and border disruption after a month of the new rules, according to one of the most comprehensive business surveys since leaving the bloc.

-The boss of JD sports says Brexit has turned out to be "considerably worse" than he feared.
Peter Cowgill, chairman of JD Sports, said the red tape and delays in shipping goods to mainland Europe meant "double-digit millions" in extra costs.
He told the BBC the company might open a distribution centre overseas to help mitigate the problems, and that would mean job losses in the UK.

-Sam Baron lobster exporter who is winding up his 60-year-old family business has blamed the government for failing to be honest about Brexit red tape and hidden costs.

-7th Feb Last week the National Farmers’ Union and the National Pig Association revealed that, since 1 January, no cattle, sheep or goats have left the UK for mainland EU markets.

-Shellfish exporters have been taken aback by a ban on the export of unprocessed bivalve molluscs such as oysters and scallops.

-Veteran designer Katharine Hamnett warns “British brands will die” without a “radical overhaul” of customs arrangements with the EU, including VAT rules.

-As one managing director of a small UK company, which has had to cease all exports to the EU put it: “We expected difficulties but the range of issues Brexit has created across the board for us and so many others is completely off the scale.”

-Elton John has said that the UK’s Brexit negotiators “screwed up” a deal for British musicians and the broader music industry, and is calling for the government to re-enter negotiations.

-Business representatives say the biggest problem they have with the government in relation to Brexit at the moment is denial of reality.

-Ministers simply continue to claim that Brexit is going well when the inevitable cost of Brexit is for people who have spent their lives painstakingly building up a livelihood, only to find it wiped out almost overnight by a government that has eagerly embraced new barriers to trade.

-The volume of exports going through British ports to the EU fell by a staggering 68% last month compared with January last year, mostly as a result of problems caused by Brexit.

-There has been a "coming together of unionism" in recent days to oppose the NI Protocol, Arlene Foster has said. On Tuesday, the DUP published a five-point plan aimed at scrapping the NI part of the Brexit deal.

-Brexit going so well: 71 pages of paperwork for 1 lorry of fish. Bet the fishy folke are very happy they were quite so keen on making the fish happy to be British!

-We now have a Intresting situation where Mr Gove is trying to negotiate a relaxing of the friction on the Northern Irish boarder that the lying Mr Johnson insists no British PM would ever agree to and does no exist.

-5th Feb Livestock and live shellfish exports from the UK to mainland Europe are at a standstill as producers struggle with post-Brexit transport conditions.

-4th Feb Ian Paisley told the Commons that the Brexit agreement had betrayed unionists and made them "feel like foreigners in our own country". Is that what your tussled hair agreed lying Mr Johnson

-From January, UK nationals will only be able to travel without a visa to Schengen area countries for up to 90 days in any 180-day period (this includes most EU nations and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein). In addition, you will need to:
Have at least six months left on your passport, except for trips to Ireland.
Have travel insurance with health cover. Your current EHIC card will be valid until its expiry date and will be replaced by a new scheme in the future, but the government still advises you to get travel insurance with health cover.
Make sure you've checked roaming charges with your mobile provider, as the guarantee of free roaming will end.
Have obtained an animal health certificate from your vet at least 10 days before you travel - if you are travelling with your pet - including from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. The current EU pet passport scheme will no longer apply.
Use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens at border control.
Significantly, because of the Covid pandemic, travellers from non-EU countries - including the UK - will not be able to visit the EU at the moment, except for a certain number of essential reasons. Sounds great Mr Johnson!

-3rd Feb The great deal for British fishing that Mr Johnson hailed means the EU has told British fishermen they are indefinitely banned from selling live mussels, oysters, clams, cockles and scallops to its member states.
As the UK is now a separate country, it is not allowed to transport the animals to the EU unless they have already been treated in purification plants.

-31st Jan Some steel products could face post-Brexit taxes within months, the sector has warned.
UK Steel said it was "likely" that export quotas for some products would run out in the first quarter of this year - meaning exports would face a 25% tariff.

-A government move to change state aid rules after Brexit without a vote in parliament is being challenged in court, with a legal campaign group warning the manoeuvre could lead to a similar lack of scrutiny in areas such as workers’ rights and environmental protections.

-28th Jan The leaders of Britain’s five largest business groups have warned the government that firms face “substantial difficulties” at UK ports since Brexit, with the prospect of a “significant loss of business” if the situation is allowed to continue.

-Tony Hale has five containers of pork sitting at Rotterdam port that is now "rotten".
"We've not been able to move it on," says the boss of London-based DH Foods, "so it's going to have to be destroyed."
His containers are caught up in delivery delays to the EU caused by new Brexit paperwork. Across the UK, exporters have been reporting hold-ups due to new trade deal rules.

And there are signs, according to meat exporters, that customers are starting to go elsewhere for their supplies.

-Over half the HGV lorries bringing goods from the EU are returning empty! Remind me who got a great deal Mr Johnson.

-Devon and Scottish Fisherman are unable to export their catch, so are not going out or landing their catch in Denmark!

-A plethora of small and medium size export firms on advice from Government Trade Advisors are looking at opening up EU offices / units to avoid lengthy and costly boarder delays!

-UK retailers could abandon goods EU customers want to return, with some even thinking of burning them because it is cheaper than bringing them home. Since 1 January, lots of European customers have been presented with an unexpected customs invoice when signing for goods they've ordered from the UK. These new customs charges are a result of the new EU trade deal with the UK.

-Logistics and warehousing companies in the Netherlands have received over 500 requests from British businesses looking to rent warehouse space, as the country experiences a Brexit boom in investment and jobs.

-Brexit supporting Mr R Daltry has now signed a letter to Mr Johnson stating how damaging this deal will be on the UK music industry!

-Mastercard is to increase the fees EU firms face to take payments from online shoppers from the UK by at least 400%, in a move that could mean higher prices for consumers.

-Amazon is preparing to remove some products for sale to NI customers as a result of the Irish Sea border.

-Daily Telegraph is now trying to blame Mrs Merkel for all these troubles rather than their lying ex EU journalist!

Please feel free to forward us any other good news stories of how us leaving the EU has benefitted the UK. To save you time please do not bother to tell me of companies that have decided to stay in the UK, they were here already!