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GOLD: Gold membership @ £64.95 gives you a Free Bike Service worth £80 (Gold member services must be taken from September to March). Please note all courses and classes have sadly been suspended until further notice.

Good News For Leavers

My Dear Leavers

We know that all you want is Brexit, so in recognition of this we at Micycle have decided to give you a full WTO Brexit today the very first company in the UK to do this.

On all your final bills at Micycle we will add 28% WTO tariff (please don't let the remoaners know this, as we do not want them getting something they have done little to deserve). All bills can of course be paid for in Euros

Obviously we will only work on your bike once we have completed the remoaners bikes.

Also we would like to point out that there are many bikes shops in the EU that would most likely be able to work on your bike more quickly, probably far cheaper and no doubt speak English better than we do, so no communication problems from their side.
appy days we will ave our sovereignty back!


Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings are total Knobs