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GOLD: Gold membership @ £64.95 gives you a Free Bike Service worth £80 (Gold member services must be taken from September to March). Please note all courses and classes have sadly been suspended until further notice.

Bike servicing

Types of Services

Mini Service - £40 to £45
• Bottom bracket, headset and hubs inspected and adjusted.
• Brakes: Rims and pads are checked for wear, pads aligned to maintain even wear and eliminate squeal. Cables and callipers adjusted for optimum stopping power.
• Gears: Chain and cassette are checked for wear, limits adjusted and cables checked for perfect shifting.
• All cables inspected for damage and lubricated
• Tyres pumped to correct pressure and all nuts and bolts checked and tightened.
• Bike is wiped down and the chain is lubricated.

Full Service - £80 to £120
Includes everything described in the mini Service above, plus:
* Wheels trued.
• Drive train stripped from frame, degreased in our eco parts washer and lubricated for best performance.
• All necessary cables replaced.
• Frame alignment checked, including derailleur hanger.

Strip Down Service - £130
• All components removed from the frame and are cleaned using our eco parts washer, inspected for damage and refitted.
• New pads and cables (inner and outer) are included in the assembly of the drive train and brakes.
• New bearings and grease are included in the reassembly of all bearing components (headset, bottom bracket, hubs).
• Frame thoroughly cleaned.

Please Note -

• All prices are for labour and are exclusive of parts, unless otherwise stated. Replacement parts cost extra but we will call for your agreement before proceeding.
• All services will be road tested by one of our mechanics.
• If the workshop is busy; same-day service can be provided for an extra £10.