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Bike Maintenance Part 3 Brakes

Bike Maintenance Part 3 Brakes


Classes are tailored to suit the individual and groups.
At times, dates and location of your choosing.
E mail matthew@micycle.org.uk , or phone 02084379198 to book course.

This one aims to show you how different braking systems work.* How to change your brake pads when they're worn down, and how to align them properly so they can do their job.

Do you have a long loose pull before anything happens, or does the slightest grip bring your bike to an abrupt and obstinate stand still? Learn to adjust your brake cables and levers so they become reliably responsive and trustworthy.

Class covers:
Brake pads. Replacing and adjusting. 'Towing in'.
Brake cables. Replacing and tuning
Brake levers. Tightening or loosening the pull. Keeping levers secure on handle bars.

* Please note this class does not cover disc brakes or hub brakes.
When there is demand there will be a separate session for these – please phone or email shop if you are interested.