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Exciting New Job at Micycle

We are looking to for a unique induvial to join the team, Initially on a six months contract, Part time. Starting in September 2020.

Job Description:
Trainee cycle mechanic also responsible for the content and up dating the Micycle web site and promoting the shop on social media.

No formally qualifications necessary.

The ideal person will have some or all of the attributes listed below:

Aged between 16 and 25 years old.
Love of bicycles.
Social skills.
Tech skills.
Interest in politics.
Sense of fun.

If interested in the first place send a very brief CV max one A4.
Also have a look at the web site and send a sample piece of content that you think would fit into the News section on any subject you want. Max 125 words.

To: matthew@micycle.org.uk

Many thanks for looking