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Bike Maintenance Part 1 Overview

Bike Maintenance Part 1 Overview


Classes are tailored to suit the individual and groups.
At times, dates and location of your choosing.
E mail matthew@micycle.org.uk , or phone 02083479198 to book course.
This session aims to cover everything you need to know on general maintenance. Including cleaning and an overview of all working parts. Cleaning and Lubricating are the easiest services you can administer to your bike and the most essential if you want to keep it running smoothly in all weathers.

In this basic maintenance session you will learn how to keep your cycle clean and get that build-up of London dirt off, which, if you’ve been cycling through the Winter, could have a ton of damaging salt in it.

We’ll show you the parts that respond to a gentle lubing to ensure you keep your bike running without a squeak or crunch.We'll help you get thoroughly familiar with these tasks so, whether you plan to be a regular visitor at our tailor made bike-wash or you are blessed with your own garden and a hose yourself , we’ll show you some tricks of the trade and the best products to make sure your bike doesn't become a trouser hazard for a week after it's been scrubbed and anointed.

Class covers:
Overview of a bike (M check)
Basic tools you’ll need.
Preventative maintenance and cleaning : The ins and outs, the products and tricks.

Bike lubing: Where, how, winter and summer advice, and mopping up the excess.

Fitting and comfort.
Locks and security.